Envy for the True/False Film Festival pass holders…

This weekend! What a line-up of films at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Mo!

Never did I see myself taking part in a film festival. Sure, we have all heard of Sundance and Telluride, that one in the unpronounceable French beach town. But until last year I had not heard of the T/F fest.

Centered here in Columbia, Mo, it features a bevy of powerful, eye-opening, genre-challenging, and thought-provoking films. Coming in the form of documentaries for most of them, with a few fiction films thrown in, the ever-growing crowd of over 30,000 fest attenders is sparkling with Mardi-gras-like attire, crazy inventions, painted horses, masquerade balls, and music at every corner and film venue.

In its ninth year, the festival is growing in its popularity, allowing it to have the rights to feature Oscar-winning films like The Undefeated, to unreleased docs in Secret Screenings where one has no clue what gem may be behind the aspen-tree and sequin-covered curtains.

Here, in Columbia, Mo -CoMo for locals- perhaps over 40,000 festival goers will converge this weekend, March 1-4 for four days to find the downtown of the city filled with street concerts, film screenings, Q&A with the directors, parades, and new friends in every Q line.

Thankfully, I will be attending several screenings this weekend (in fact, I have already seen two today!) and will try to give a review for those I can see and perhaps give a feel for the life, energy, and quizzical draw that pulls fest-followers from several states and even an odd country or two.

Check back for several posts this weekend on the sights, sounds and films of the days.

If you are in Columbia, Mo or surrounding towns, seriously make the easy pilgrimage to The District (downtown) and jump in a Q (queue) line for the chance to glimpse exquisite finished masterpieces or emerging works in progress. And when you leave the venue and walk back into the daylight, you will simply ask yourself: “Was that true or false?”

Then the mind will run. Let it- this is the joy of the weekend.


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