True or False? 2014: Rich Hill

Empty streets of small town America. So many recognize this story.

Endangered and abandoned youth, marginalized and ignored.

Except the three center pieces to this film are not forgotten by us, or their families for that matter. Yes, they come from poor families that survive on food stamps and waitress jobs, but they are not forgotten. Indeed, there is tangible, evident love that binds the families within.

This film opens intimate doors into family’s homes as these three boys struggle to understand who they are and how they can still dream in their circumstances. It is a film spewing with optimism while it is underlayed with sorrow and loss.

This film demanded a standing ovation in the Missouri Theater following, as we fell in love with the boys and families illuminated here. They carried us along for July 4 celebrations, Halloween trick-or-treating, and errant skateboarding excursions. Poverty has a way of stripping down the nice vernier that can make a rich family seem attractive. This ‘Rich Hill’ is no longer as jobs decline and these children’s families are more reacting to their circumstances than proactively protecting. The poverty allows us to see into their lives in a way that we rarely get from our closest friends on their worst days.

A true pleasure was the presence of one of the film’s families who came on stage to give us an update of their lives. The boy, not a teenager, along with his father and twin sister, spoke of his dreams and his faith in God to protect them. Following the film Q&A, a couple friends and I actually easily approached the family from our front row seating to thank them for their openness. They were delightful and tried their best to be transparent. The boy continued praising God, the Dad privately described to me his wife’s baptism three weeks prior to her passing in January of this year, and the daughter shared with my friends her interest in teaching and that she cheers and plays volleyball. What a true joy it was to speak to them after the film.

This is who they are -real. And we love them for it.

Check out: for the full trailer. Here is the teaser:


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