True or False? 2014: The Green Prince

Secrets. Embittered distrust and fighting. Broken family ties.

I am reminded of Will Smith’s ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ song: “This is the story all about how my life got twisted, turned upside…”

Two men. One Israeli. One Palestinian. One works for the Israeli government. One is turned to work for the government. One seeks to corrupt. One seeks revenge. One deeply seeks help and acceptance. One extends grace and friendship.

So well edited. So extensively researched. Found-footage and artistically recreated scenes played in the back ground as the two men separately talk to the camera. My whole attention was drawn to the men’s faces and especially their eyes. I searched for hope and peace in their eyes. I peered at the screen for their understanding and burdens to bear. Slowly, ever so slowly, their emotions came through to the camera as they told their story into the camera.

A friendship sprang from loss and deception.

It is a thrilling ride that takes us along with suspense through their life stories from their first interaction to their final reunion years later. Not many friendships are borne out of the torture chamber, but this one sure did. And perhaps it is strongest of all, even if one of the friends was tortured and the other the torturer.

It is not political. It is how a friendship forms. Maybe taking a look at this film will encourage us in our true love for our friends and the miles, cultures, and terrorist bombings that separate us.


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