True or False? 2015: Something Better To Come

Hanna Polak found her way into the largest dump in Europe, near the Kremlin in Russia. There she entered the lives of the homeless children who lived among the trash heaps and fires.

It was there that she became burdened by the children’s situations -they were hungry, dirty, exploited, and had no hope for a future. She then meets Yula, a 10 year-old, blond haired girl and grew attached to her.

From this friendship is born the story of Yula’s struggles and upheaval, her decisions and her situations. Yula is shown as she grows up from 10 to 24 years old. We see her emerge from a shy, attentive girl to this strong, emotional woman who goes from having nothing to having something…and it did not come cheap.

Yula’s choices and her parents choices are apparent on screen. Yet, we grow to love her, or at least have an attentive affinity to her story, as she grows up on screen. This is better than the oscar-nominated ‘Boyhood’ of 2014 T/F because this is real life. We cringe and squeal and cry and shrug our shoulders at these dump-dwellers.

Yula struggles through teenage pregnancy and the subsequent choices she makes. She struggles with hunger, cold, loneliness, fear and despair. These are all emotions that pervade the nomadic community within the garbage dump. We see it across each persons face.

One striking editing piece are the perfectly-placed guitar songs by a resident whose lyrics reflect the community -revealing the lack of hope, direction, and despondency that each vodka-fueled conversation holds.

Watch this film and then listen to the director’s heart for these homeless children of Moscow.

O! Lord please move in a mighty revival through Russia to care for their lost, abandoned, and forgotten children and that they would know your hope eternal!


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