True or False? 2015: Almost There

Cats. Dilapidated houses. Outsider art. Peter Anton.

That is about it. This film is endearing, but emotionless. It is hard to swallow, but even-keeled.

Half-way through the film I began praying, asking God why I have no emotional pull to the characters before my eyes.

Nothing. The filmmakers get overly involved and I do not. Somehow by the directors pouring their hearts into the man in front of the camera any ability or desire I have to be grabbed and connect to the situation is limited or deadened by the sufficient personal connections given by the film makers.

I wanted to connect. I wanted to have some emotion.


Maybe it is because the man, Peter, reminds me of another man I know who lives in Columbia, revealing some hardness of heart in me?

Still, there was nothing.

It is a solid film, well-produced and the music and graphic design is fitting to the eccentric artwork produced by Peter Anton.

But I will forget this film.

Except for one thing: Peter’s schedule of the 20+ cats that sat on his lap and how many hours for each. As a scientist I appreciate his commitment to observation.


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