True or False? 2016: Life, Animated

Dear Owen,

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for opening up your life to all of us watching your film.

We were able to laugh, cry, and know your emotion and in some way use your film to work through our reckoning with the world around us just like you do with Disney films to better interpret your world.

I may not fully understand your struggle to relate and communicate, but I definitely understand your pain after your girlfriend Emily broke-up with you. She is one of your dear friends and I wish that I could have been there to encourage you, but from a Biblical perspective, too.

God is so good. He has graciously given you a family that has provided so much for you in love, care, and attention, something that most autistic children will never have to the same extent. As hard as it is to end a relationship and think that when it happens we are so alone and that sadness will never end, your mom is right when she tells you that it gets better.

But, trying to find joy in relationships and work and creativity, like you pursue, is a process that helps us heal and grow and if you and I do not allow fear to rule our hearts and minds after each sad time and a girl friend breaking up with you or me, then we can truly enjoy life! And that joy comes through a real relationship in our heavenly Father who truly knows us and cares for us.

You have been well protected and loved through your childhood and early adulthood. You are not too much younger than me. I pray that God becomes real to you in a way you could not have imagined, just as much as the Disney characters have become your friends in a way. Your stories as yourself as the protector of sidekicks is awesome!

God has made you for that purpose, perhaps, as is clearly shown through your bubbly, warm, and inviting personality that seeks to put a smile of everyone’s face you meet. When more pain and hurt comes to you, I pray that you begin to know some lasting joy in our great God, a love that comes through believing in Christ who died and rose again for all the mean things that you and or do and say and was the greatest love that a father can give. Your parents have imaged and modeled this so well. May you know your heavenly father one day soon!

If only we could be next door neighbors so I could come over and eat some of your flat, crunchy cookies…




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