True or False? 2016: Presenting Princess Shaw

Here is a woman who gets her 15 min. of fame.

Princess Shaw is a singer, a fighter, and hustler who does not stop writing songs, but continues to post new a capela songs on her You Tube channel, looking to share her talents but use it as a venue for expressing her emotions and coping with her stress.

As the camera follows her around her daily work at the nursing home, having her car left on blocks by tire thieves, and fighting loneliness, we watch her videos and see her posting her intimate expressions of brokenness, joy, hope, loss, etc. and it begins to paint a beautiful and relate-able picture of this aspiring singer. And whatever joy or hope she can have in the future is overshadowed by a painful, gut-wrenching (to the audiences) past life.

She is no long young and lives in a tiny apartment, but that does not stop her from trying out for ‘The Voice’ reality t.v. singing competition and encouraging others along the way. She even takes a bus trip to Atlanta from Louisiana to check out the music scene there and meet distant relatives.

And while there something amazing occurs.

While we learn about Princess’ life, scenes bounce back and forth between Louisiana and Israel, where a digital composer finds Princess’ videos and begins matching other You Tube videos to accompany her song. We watch as he tediously edits and selects from other videos to find the desired accompanying music, all from other posted videos.

Then the time comes for him to post his orchestrated video, not his first, but definitely a life changer for those in the video.

And it goes viral. Then Princess learns of the video and we join in an emotional living room scene as she watches her song come to life in the video surrounded by her Atlanta family.

She is no longer unknown; no longer a nobody.

She is known and millions know her voice.

The film beautifully overlays a driving crescendo of the video and her voice, as we hear the chorus and tags repeated with overwhelming delight for Princess Shaw and her 15 min. of fame.

Can we be known? How can we overcome our loneliness and enjoy our time of recognition for our talents and effort?

Some or most people never will, in human terms. We have a Father in Heaven who knows each of us dearly and intimately. Princess Shaw likely does not believe this or cannot believe it because of her past and lack of a close family and friends to image God’s love to her.

We celebrate in her accomplishment, just as we mourn in her suffering, as we are called as people to do in scripture. This is likely a great part of the grace in each of our lives that we can have broken hearts in sympathy and compassion when someone we know has deep pain or loss. And we join in the titular character to do just that. And that God has loved us so much that in our pain, we can find a sense of joy and peace that passes all understanding.

I pray that for Princess as she moves forward. I pray that she has a loving, intimate community of friends and family. I pray that this film works to love her and show her how she can continually share her story of pain and joy to anyone who sees this film or she meets at these film festivals.

Thank you for presenting yourself, Princess Shaw, in both the joys and sorrows of your journey.


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