True or False? 2016: Sonita

In the vein of ‘Presenting Princess Shaw’, we join in celebrating the successes of the titular woman as she overcomes so much cultural and familial hindrances to fight for her dream.

Here is a teenage refugee girl who escaped the Taliban in Afghanistan with part of her family years prior to move to Iran.

Here is young woman who is finding her voice.

Here is an artist who is composing passionate, controversial, and personal lyrics.

Here is a sister who works to care for her other sisters by working and attending classes at a center for impoverished children.

Here is a daughter who seeks to love and honor her parents, but not at the great cost of selling  herself to a man and giving up her singing and studies.

Here is a potential child-bride who uses her voice and lyrics to push back against her potential situation of being sold to a man who wants a young Afghani wife so that her brother can pay the bride-price for his wife.

Here is a friend who opens her heart- hopes, dreams, fears all included- to the woman behind the camera filming Sonita’s life, seeking support, protection, and affirmation.

Sonita is not unusual. She, like so many girls in her culture, was born into socio-economic straights that lead her to be offered for money.

Sonita is, however, unique. There is a distinct difference between ‘unusual’ and ‘unique’. She has a voice and wants to use her talents and voice to passionately fight for the other children her were in her usual situation. And that voice and her dream leads her to greatly-trying twists and turns in her story.

A story that will bring you to tears and joyful exuberance and make you an ally for justice.


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