True or False? 2016: Thy Father’s Chair

Random thoughts on a mildly random film:

So, the film is enjoyable. It is by no means hard to watch. It has several weaknesses, but is still decent.

The film is divided into 7 acts, with an Epilogue, likely fitting the seven days plus one that work took place by a cleaning company to clean out the family home of a Jewish family.

My mind easily cringed and found parallels to several family members and acquaintances who have become pack-rats and even hoarders.

In my own overly-sentimental mind, passed down through both sides of my family, I have witnessed and it has been modeled to me the great binding that we create to stuff- our possessions, and when someone does not want a object, they become our possessions, too.

This film is easy to watch, unless you are too overburdened by the mental breakdown of hording, chronic depression, and alcoholism that may be the root causes of the situation we come upon in the first scene of the film. But, it comes with helpers and compassionate appealers who act almost as doctors, who diagnose the situation, encourage the man to modify habits and prescribe actions to take, and realistically accept that the patient may not ever change or take advice and that sometimes- most times- we cannot fix someone.

And then it may be time to move on.

Yet, we find this man, who extremely confusingly has an identical twin, such that I am not sure which man was which from day to day. Really. I am still trying to sort out which brother was which! Yet, regardless of which brother, one of them openly admits his loneliness and lack of love and service from his brothers. He has lost his parents and seemingly lost his brothers.

(A Note to the filmmakers: The film’s title is misleading and altogether unimportant to the plot. Perhaps the filmmakers could do nothing better. The film is a bit tortuous and could be shortened with a bit more editing. If they are days, call them days, not odd roman numerals to separate each work day.)


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