True or False? 2016: The Illinois Parables

Something about faith and questioning how faith leads to exodus and change upon mass groups in Illinois…not sure…

The most artsy film I saw of the T/F Fest, it was one of those films that had 11 chapters, so to speak, annotated by long white roman numerals across a black background to mark the advancement of the movie and advancement of time.

It was by any means a simple film to watch, especially as I was chillaxin on a couch in the front row of Big Ragtag. I slouched down into the couch and watched the scenes fly by in front of my face. Whatever scenes or emotions caught me or became exposed by the images and film and narration were simply passive.

Unlike friends who saw the film as well, I took great joy in simply letting it wash over me like waves of time to consume what I could chew and swallow. It being an artsy film there was a need to simply enjoy it for what it is and not try to extract too much from it.

We travel through time of Illinois, from the prehistoric Indian mounds to the Mormon Trail to the killing of Black Panther members by police- all occurring in Illinois. They were essentially images and stories to be caught, that the filmmaker was not attempting to make an exhaustive history lesson, but chronologically jumped by centuries or decades to parable after parable.

And what did I take from it? I am not sure…but most assuredly the long scenes will allow my brain to process the film’s images and sounds for days to come, opposed to other more straightforward ‘veritas’ films.

The End!



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