True or False? 2016: Tickled

I have absorbed the director’s paranoia. Or perhaps the audience’s mob-rule paranoia that overwhelmed the Missouri Theater when the director said that the person taking notes beside us could be one of the perpetrators from the secretive organization that has changed tickling in my mind forever.

Yeah, I immediately had to deal with the ridiculous reality that folks could look at me as a suspect. What was I doing to arouse suspicion?! Not sure, but I was even a little suspect of myself! What if I was doing it or was convicted of doing it.

Of course, all the poor journalists who were taking film notes were immediately made suspects by the director’s statement. He is, indeed, under a lawsuit and has been served papers only yesterday here at the Fest. So, it is understandable that some of his paranoia was conveyed onto the audience and absorbed.

Indeed, as our little friend mob stood outside the theater, two Columbia Police officers walked over to us to ask if we were recording and said that someone said that there was a person in our vicinity recording. To which a guy right beside us then said that he was asked about his recording by a staff member, but was cleared by that staff member, and then the guy offered to show the police the video on his phone. He was probably not the private P.I.s hired by the company mentioned in the film to collect information for litigation.

The film itself was well-done, comical, and carried the audience along quite well, but not too long until it reached some kind of logical stopping point. Here is sort of an expose of a rich man who has a desire for control and uses that to an extent that results in the pain of others who cannot financially defend themselves. And it all starts with tickling.

This film is a bit beyond a simple description and deserves an actual viewing of the film to fully appreciate it. This is original and a wonderful piece about a New Zealand light-hearted journalist who stumbles upon such an incredible story that it cannot be ignored. The film then shows us all the ins and outs that follows as the journalist gets on a plane to America to discover the truth.

See it. Enjoy it. Discuss it. Then pray for the situations that have arisen, where people do seemingly inane activities for cash that result in something similar to pornography, but what is portrayed herein cannot be called that strictly, but my heart hurt to consider the control, power, manipulation and destruction that both pornography and, apparently, tickling have in common.

And so now, I post this blog post, full of illogical paranoia, just like after I watched ‘Citizen Four’ two summers ago. Then, I decided not to post about seeing the film, even though I was one of the first several hundred to actually see the revealing film of subterfuge and spy-type paranoia. This time it is different.



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