For seed inquiries please contact Bryan at Rillington Fields at 229-382-6832

Rillington Fields is a growing and diversified family farm in Tifton, Ga, U.S.A. We raise Kiko meat goats, poultry, pine trees, pigeon peas, rye, pearl millet, soy beans, and sunn hemp. Set on about 130 acres in South Georgia, the farm is committed to producing quality products through intensive, sustainable management and no-tillage agriculture. We desire to glorify God and develop local markets through our efforts.

I am Michael, and I am glad you decided to poke around a bit.

How wonderful it is to toil together and continue to build the farm and allied businesses.

Our farm’s name originates from the area where my dad’s home in England is located, and where my uncle and his family currently farm. Rillington Fields is a small collection of houses and farms outside of the North Yorkshire village of Rillington.

This blog serves as an avenue to share our emerging view of agriculture, my deepening in reliance on the Gospel, and life around us. I cannot promise you great depth or skill, only occasional scribbles. Will you join us?


4 thoughts on “About

  1. We live in the north GA mtns. and garden every year. Since we haven’t planted any cover crops in a long time to improve the soil, this fall the 3td week of Sept. we planted albruzzi rye purchased from out local co op. The rye has only grown to about 12 to 15 inches. Another time in another garden the rye grew to 3 to 4 feet. Can’t figure out why its not doing as well this time. When we turn it under before it goes to seed I plan to send soil samples in to be tested…..just thot you may know what hinders growth in world of rye. Thanks for any advice you may have.

    • Hey Mrs. Shirley,
      Did you receive my response to your inquiry in your e-mail that I sent you directly? At home in South Georgia, warmer temps this winter has caused there to be some shooting up of taller rye heads, but we hope that it does not happen too much or late cold may hurt the crop. How is you’s doing?

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